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JACQUELINE RABUN is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected.


Our privacy policy


JACQUELINE RABUN’S privacy policy sets out the ways in which JACQUELINE RABUN processes personal data. This policy only relates to personal data collected by JACQUELINE RABUN via our website, emails and telephone calls. Any personal data collected by JACQUELINE RABUN  is processed in accordance with UK data protection legislation.


Where this policy does not apply


This policy does not apply to personal data provided to JACQUELINE RABUN by any other means or via any other website. Users should be aware that if they access other websites, using the links on our site or newsletter, these are outside our control. If they provide personal data to other companies, the privacy policies of those companies determine the uses to which that information is put and JACQUELINE RABUN policy will no longer apply.


JACQUELINE RABUN advises users to read the privacy policies of other websites before registering any personal data.‍



The JACQUELINE RABUN website complies with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.


Data collection

How your information is used

Personal information provided to JACQUELINE RABUN will be used for the purposes outlined at the time of collection or registration. Any personal information which is collected will be used by JACQUELINE RABUN only in accordance with current data protection legislation. In addition, personal information may be used for statistical analysis e.g. Google Analytics and in these cases would be anonymised. Personal data will be collected and processed by JACQUELINE RABUN  for the following purposes:


To process your request for information


To update you with information on news events, services and products from JACQUELINE RABUN


How your information may be share.

We will not voluntarily disclose your personal data to anyone outside our company.


Processing personal data for the above purposes may entail sharing the information with employees, and professional advisors of JACQUELINE RABUN. However, written agreements exist between JACQUELINE RABUN and such parties that there must be no further disclosure of such personal data. By providing personal data to JACQUELINE RABUN, users consent to the processing of such data as described in this privacy policy.


Information access


If, at any time, a user wants to verify, update or amend or delete their personal data they may email Verification, updating or amending personal data will take place as soon as is reasonably practical.




What is a ‘cookie?


A ‘cookie’ is a small text file that is placed on a user’s computer hard drive by a website. There are several types of cookie and the most common are often referred to as ‘session’ cookies. These are used to keep track of information needed by a user as they travel from page to page within a website. These cookies have a short lifetime and expire within a few minutes of the user leaving the site. Other types of cookies can be used to track internet activity after the user has left a website. These are usually sponsored by organisations external to the website being visited and are generally known as ‘third party’ cookies. These usually have a long lifetime with several months being quite common. They are harvested and refreshed whenever the user visits a page where the same or a similar cookie is being used.


JACQUELINE RABUN use of ‘cookies’


JACQUELINE RABUN uses benign, short lived session cookies to tell whether a website user has logged in, where to find details that can be used to pre-fill parts of online forms and to personalise the user’s visit to the website. They are also used to anonymously track which areas of the site are popular and which are not used; this allows us to carefully target our website resources. JACQUELINE RABUN’S  cookies do not analyse visits to other website or any searches undertaken whilst on the website.


Controlling ‘cookies’ on your browser


Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default; however, it is possible to set a browser to reject cookies. If this is done, it is important not to exclude the benign and useful session cookies. Choose an option that rejects all third party and long-lived cookies.


‍Google analytics


Google Analytics is Google™s free web analytics tool that helps website owners understand how their visitors engage with their website. Google Analytics collects information anonymously, and much like examining footprints in sand, it reports website trends without identifying individual visitors. Analytics uses its own set of cookies to track visitor interactions. Click here to view Google’s Policy


Data Storage and Security


How your information is stored


JACQUELINE RABUN holds your personal data in accordance with the security provisions of the UK GDPR data protection legislation. Users have the right to ask JACQUELINE RABUN, in writing, for a copy of all the personal data held about them.


How your data is secured


Our data is stored electronically and only locally and is password protected. Our staff only process personal data in line with the GDPR, and sign a confidentiality clause in their contract.  If you have any questions about data security or retention please contact us by email at


Updates to this policy


Notification of updates


If JACQUELINE RABUN decides to change its privacy policy, it will post such changes on this web page so that you are always aware of how we use your personal data.


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Last updated: 22 May 2018